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How This Works Breaking Naija down for you... in my own way!

My Reviews, My Opinions
I love visiting new places and trying out new stuff. I guess I've always seeked opinions and information which tends to be spread across several different sources. So here is my take on collating all my thoughts and information on anything that i have come across in Nigeria.
Need help planning a Party?
I love planning parties... It's the Asian in me... NEED TO EXPEND MY ORGANIZATIONAL NAZI ENERGY! So, if you need some tips for a party venue or ideas, do holler! Or if you want me to assist in planning, i can do so for a small fee. Hey, everything comes at a price oooo!
Need to get word out?
SCREAM SHOUT and LET IT ALL OUT! Yes, you can guess my age from the ancient song lyric that i just quoted. If you need or want to spread the word on a new restaurant or bring awareness on specials or events, do reach out to me. Let's talk! I ain't gonna bite!